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Play for the very first time the most real simulator ever made for wing shooting in South-american scenery. Feel the real game in the best spots of the Argentinean marshes shooting the most variety of real ducks.

  • AWS has brought the real-life sounds of all the species to the game, the feel of being in the blind full of ducks approaching the decoys.

  • Volume and variety of species. Unique hunting species from South America.

  • Dynamic Climate Change. Four different weather conditions in a single game.

  • Scenery Changes. Three different scenarios for duck hunting fanatics.

  • 12 Native Species from South America. Experience not only the generic kinds of ducks, AWS represents the real 12 duck hunting species of Argentina.

  • Real High Volume. Placed in large volumes to create a dream hunting experience, and the feel of South America waterfowl action like no other realism in the world.

  • Shot gun options. Choose different shot guns from over & under to semi autos.

  • Great amount of hunting challenges. Show your skills with the best weapons.

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